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The company’s mission is to offer families and entrepreneurs in the Greater Laval-Laurentians area a personalized service declutter and physical organization of the places that surround them to allow them to live in harmony with their environment and thus reduce their stress and mental load.

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Stéphanie Galipeau

National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals Professional Organizers in Canada (POC)

Stéphanie Galipeau

CEO / Trained Professional Organizer


My name is Stephanie, I have a bachelor degree in business management/ Marketing at ESG-UQAM and have acquired over 10 years of management experience. I am a person who loves challenges and like to organize different kinds of events and trips. Organize efficient and practical space has soon became a natural thing for me.  When I was 6 years old, instead of playing with my barbies, I organized them and I prefer putting them away instead of playing with them! I am also a mom that drives me to find effective solutions every day.

I founded H.O.P. in 2015 at the same time as my training with the Association of Professional Organizers in Canada (POC).  I am a person of integrity, generous and determined. My mission is to help families and entrepreneurs save time but also to be more effective in their daily lives by organizing them better. I accompany my clients through the process of sorting, uncluttering and searching for storage solutions that will help to save time searching for items. I also help find tools (virtual applications, time & email management, methodologies, etc.) that will allow them to be more productive in everyday life. By maximizing the use of space and finding clever storage solutions in different rooms of a house or business, there is no more wasted time and by default more quality time! I work with professionalism while integrating a lot of respect and humanity in order to develop a feeling of trust with customers. Reducing stress and harmonizing the environment is the ultimate goal.

You can follow me and the company on various social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest (@HarmonieOP) as well as on our You Tube channel "SOS Rangement avec Stéphanie et Elizabeth". I co-founded it with another professional organizer in order to bring together our ideas to offer a new and interesting product to the French-speaking population who are looking for free tips about home organizing. We also co-authored the FREE guide: "Organise ta maison comme une pro" That gives all the steps to sort through the house as well as pro tips to be better organized.

Hiring a professional organizer is not only a good way to make decision about all the clutter that surrouds us but it helps you stop waisting time looking for things. I can help you improve your life and enjoy it!  

Looking forward to meet you!

Stéphanie Galipeau

This enterprise is located in St-Eustache. It was established to offer a service that helps people and make their spaces harmonious. Every consultant operate under a strict code of ethics established by the Professional Organizers in Canada association (POC). Please be aware that the company has a liability insurance in case it's needed.

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